How to manually copy diagram data from page storage format

Some users need to manually update Avono diagrams on Cloud environment into our format. This guide will explain all steps they need to do.

Open affected page on the cloud environment

You will see standard Atlassian placeholder saying that “plantuml” macro is unknown. Click on “…” button and select “View Storage Format“ option. It will open popup similar to the one below:

Locate “plantuml” macro

Search for String ac:name=”plantuml” (or simply plantuml). This will position you on the start of the old macro. Every macro is stored in standard XML format and field of interest in our case is plain-text-body. Inside is CDATA with PlantUML diagram stored as plain string (see example above). Copy PlantUML String starting (and including) @startuml and finishing with @enduml. There are several other start/end keywords in PlantUML but user should handle them in the same manner.

Edit page - insert new diagram

With existing PlantUML diagram recovered user should edit this page. Place our macro above or below old plantuml macro and Paste diagram in our editor. Preview should be displayed correctly.

Name this diagram and click Insert. Save page and confirm that diagram is now visible.

Remove old macro

When user confirmed that new macro contains correct info he can remove old macro from the page. Enter edit page mode and simply delete old macro.

After completing these steps user has successfully migrated from old format into new one compatible with Cloud platform.