PlantUml Diagrams for Confluence support terms and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The PlantUml Diagrams for Confluence (“the add-on”) requires no functionality outside of your hosting server in order to function. The uptime of the plugin, under the vast majority of conditions, will match that of the hosting server.

The add-on is architecturally very simple, it adds and edits attachments to/from Confluences pages. Any lack of correct functioning will not impair the functionality of the host software. Likewise, any problem with the host, with the except of the attachments functionality, will not interfere with the functionality of the the add-on.

The user interface of the add-on editor is entirely client-side, other than exporting images and adding remote images. All browsers supported by the host product will run the add-on at user acceptable speeds.

Since diagram previews are attachments, those attachments are backed up as part of any normal backup of the host software. The recovery time of diagrams is the same as the recovery time of the host software’s database.

Stratus Add-ons provides ticketing support for the plugins at the our support desk. The initial response time (in business hours) to the ticket depends on the severity of the problem:

  • Level 1: 4 hours

  • Level 2: 8 hours

  • Level 3: 16 hours

  • Level 4: 24 hours

The resolution time of the incident depends upon the complexity of the issue and the time customers take to respond to requests for additional information. Stratus Add-ons' target is to respond to each communication within the same interval as for initial communication, during business hours.

Business hours are Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 Central European Time

Support includes:

  • Help with plugin installation and upgrades

  • Help with loss of functionality and data in the plugin

Support does not include:

  • Support with installation, usage and maintenance of the host application, the Confluence

  • Support with any other 3rd party add-ons

  • Training and tutorials for using the PlantUML open source software