Converting third party macros

This article is relevant only to users that have been using Avono’s server or DC implementation of PlantUML and are moving to

If you have been using Avono’s PlantUML on-prem solution you need to perform the macro conversion.

Conversion page is available at <your_instance_url>/wiki/plugins/servlet/ac/com.mxgraph.confluence.plugins.plantuml/plantUmlConfig

Converter running

Converter requires page and attachment write permissions for the user running it.

It is recommended to first run the conversion on a copy of production space. Converter is not guaranteed to provide 100% fidelity immediately as it is subject of continuous development.

Feedback is welcome and you may direct it at our .

If you have been using Avono’s PlantUML on-prem solution you need to perform the diagram conversion.

Conversion page is available at <your_instance_url>/plugins/servlet/plantumlcloud/admin

  1. Create a test environment by importing or cloning the production Confluence server instance. This step is optional but we always recommend running the import on a test instance first.

  2. Install the PlantUML Diagrams for Confluence server add-on.

  3. Rebuild the search index.

  4. Navigate to <confluence_url>/plugins/servlet/plantumlcloud/admin and open the Avono import tab like on the example screenshot below.

  5. To perform the import, click on 'Import' button and wait for the process to finish.

  6. Download the import report .

  7. Perform visual inspection of imported pages to make sure the import process has completed with satisfactory results.

Important notice on conversion of Avono’s macros

Avono’s add-on contains set of Confluence macros. This conversion process covers plantuml and flowchart macros. Macros such as plantumlrender and flowchartrender are not supported.

Empty Avono diagrams will not be converted to Stratus Addons’ format and users will need to remove them manually.

Important notice on linkgraph macro

Linkgraph macro is currently not functional and is on hold. It depends on resolution of CONFCLOUD-78395.

Please vote on the issue to help speed up the resolution.