Connect with Github

The PlantUML Diagrams for Confluence cloud add-on features a GitHub integration. This allows users to use PlantUML diagrams stored in their GitHub repositories within their Confluence cloud instance.

The add-on uses GitHub OAuth application to access your files. We recommend customers use dedicated GitHub account with proper permissions to connect with the GitHub application. This is important because repository access is done on the GitHub side.

GitHub connection is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create add-on Settings Space using the Settings page.

  2. On the same page, initiate GitHub connection flow (see image below).

  3. Connect your account with the GitHub app and return to Confluence.


GitHub Authorization popup

After successful integration, PlantUML diagrams can be displayed on Confluence pages and blog posts by the add-on.

Error messages

Access key is expired or invalid

User needs to generate new access key. Go to Settings page and remove current key by clicking on “Disconnect GitHub Account“ button. Then re-connect as before. you will be granted new valid key.


Company GitHub accounts may have blocked OAuth apps or some other security features that may interfere with GitHub integration. Typical for these errors is that content visible for the user in GitHub is not displayed in the plugin.

If you experience such issues please set organization approval for OAuth apps and approve OAuth apps for your organization.