Mermaid Diagrams for Confluence


Mermaid Diagrams for Confluence is a plugin for Confluence cloud that allows Mermaid diagrams to be created, edited and stored on your Confluence Cloud instance. The plugin only stores both the text description and resulting image output with your Confluence Cloud instance, nowhere else. No data goes outside your environment.

The Mermaid web site has thorough documentation for how to build the various UML diagram types it supports.


To insert a Mermaid diagram, whilst a page is being edited, insert a “mermaid-cloud” macro. See the Atlassian documentation for inserting and editing macros. Once inserted you will see a macro window that says "Edit Mermaid Diagrams for Confluence Macro":

Input the filename, width(or leave blank) and in the markup field input the Mermaid diagram string.

Click on Save button to insert the diagram into the page. Diagram will appear in the page viewer, page editor and page PDF export.